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How to obtain an Owner Building Permit

Once you have successfully completed NSW Owner Building Course, and received your Statement of Attainment (SOA), you simply need to go to the Office of Fair Trading Centre with your SOA together with other required documents and information, see below to see the required list, pay the fee and you will receive your Owner Builder Permit.

Documents you need to obtain your Owner Builder Permit

Apart from the Statement of Attainment, the NSW Office of Fair Trading would also require you to provide:

  • Proof of being over 18 years old, e.g. Drivers Licence
  • Evidence that you are the owner of the land, either outright or on a joint basis. e.g. Local Council Rate Notice, Title Deed
  • If the land is owned by a company, you need to pry via evidence that you are a shareholder (being a Director is not sufficient). Advice in writing that there is consent of the other shareholders to the proposed development to carry out works as an Owner Builder
  • Proof that you do or intend to live in the completed dwelling
  • OFT needs a sight copy of the plans which was submitted to the local council to obtain the Development Application (DA), and a description of the proposed works at the specified address
  • An ID number (usually a development certificate number) which will be the DA number issued by your local council
  • Your certificate of attainment from an approved 'Owner Builder Course' conducted by an RTO
  • A completed OFT Owner Builder Permit Application form
  • Application lodgment fee of $93.84
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