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How it Works

The perspective is created by using a specially designed tracking rule, whose phenolic tracking balls fit into the three specially crafted (routed), slightly curved side slots. Thus, when you draw lines using one side of the tracking rule, the perspective effect is immediately generated. To draw a traditional 2D drawing using the same board, you merely place the tracking rule on the board with tracking balls positioned over the straight edge of the board, which then turns tracking rule into a T-guide.

The Bird's-Eye-View Board is ideal for developing ideas before you make them or if you need to show, present or explain your ideas or concepts to someone else. The Bird's-Eye-View Board was originally designed for school students, to help them confidently produce their design ideas. Thus, using this drawing board is the fastest and easiest way to generate effective perspective drawings.

The Bird's-Eye-View Board is intuitive, easy to master and is ideal for year 7 - 12 students, helping those who may not be gifted at drawing, to develop their design concepts. The exercise book supplied makes learning to use the board fun and easy. These boards are already being used in over 100 schools across Australia. Being easy to use for students, also means that adults will master the use of these drawing boards quickly and be able to produce perspectives with ease and great productivity.

By using the "optional extra" - Draw-to-scale CD, you can draw the perspectives "to scale", or with correct proportions.

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